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Carpet cleaning – At Classy maids we use the latest machines that will steam and extract grit, grime and stains which concludes in leaving your carpets with a fresh fragrant scent. Our cleaning products are safe to use around children and animals.  After we are finished we move most furniture sofas, chairs and tables back to where they were. Furniture protectors are placed if needed.


This is a professional carpet cleaner.


Mattress cleaning- Getting Dust Mites out of your mattresses can be hard because you may not have to right products to get rid of them, but we do! These tiny creatures are so small that millions of them can live comfortably in your mattresses. They can bite you and you’re pets if you have some which doesn’t end in a good result. At Classy Maids we make sure we get rid of them all with our special products which were made just to kill Dust Mites! The trouble with dust mites is the droppings they produce; these are highly allergenic and can cause a number of health problems. The trouble with dust mites is the droppings they produce; these are highly allergenic and can cause a number of health problems:

  • Fatigue
  • Eye irritation
  • Asthma in children
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Skin rashes such as eczema
  • Sinusitis

Mattress cleaning

 Rug cleaning- Area rugs often add a great deal to the decoration of any room in the home. These are often special rugs that have a character and personality of their own, and when they become soiled or damaged, you will want a cleaning service provider that understands area rug cleaning. We provide the highest quality of rug cleaning and care for a number of reasons we understand every type of rug. Rugs used on the floor will be subject to the same problems that carpets have, but even a rug that is hung on the wall will need cleaning occasionally.

Rug cleaning

Persian rug cleaning- Persian rugs are among the world’s most beautiful rugs. The colours and patterns that are knitted into a fine Persian rug make it unique and special and it will enhance the appearance of any room. Because these rugs are made of natural fibres such as silk or wool, Persian rug cleaning can be considered an art. At Classy Maids we offer a cleaning service that will clean your Persian rug and will make it look brand new!

Persian rug cleaning

Curtain cleaning- The growing change of unusual fabrics makes it important that your curtains are cleaned by someone who knows fabrics and understands how curtains are made.  Just like your carpet and furniture, the upholstery in your drapes and curtains attracts dirt, soil and even odour. Stains are gently lifted removed and become dry within minutes. We can remove chemicals and odours leaving your curtains fresh without the inconvenience of removing, then re-hanging.

Curtain cleaning

Office cleaning- Whether you’re a business owner or an office manager, you’ll want your office cleaned to perfection. At Classy Maids we produce exceptional results, time and time again and offer the very highest standard of office cleaning.

Office cleaning